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The Vagrant's Tale - Ch. 40
"With Jasmodeus
Now back in his place,
There was once more hope
For the human race.
The Future that did
Loom above so bleak,
No longer did make
Anyone feel weak."
- Excerpt from the "The Ballad of Jysalef", as Written by Gulosc the Bard
Chapter 40: "So Auspicious a Day"
Jysalef, currently sitting on the ground, grunted disgustedly to himself; the swordsman had already been there for five annoying minutes, and yet he was still waiting for the numerous spots in his field of vision to finally clear up. When the priestess had moved to use her abilities on his many burn wounds - otherwise he'd still be laying down immobile - she had informed him to not open his eyes during the process, right now Jysalef really wished he had listened to that advice. The spell's blue light hadn't actually seemed all that bright when he had witnessed Reoisce'aihr using it on her brother earlier, but - then again - it also hadn't been right next to his face either.
Somewhere far off enough that Jysalef c
:iconclovis15:Clovis15 0 0
The Vagrant's Tale - Ep. 39
"Dear Tallus,
I know that - as of late - we haven't exactly seen eye-to-eye upon a number of matters, such as when I didn't abandon my position after our former monarch demanded we participate in the Great War. I still refuse to admit that my decision was an amoral move on my part; while peace with our neighbors is all well and good, it is pointless if we just sit back and let them kill us before that day can happen. Besides - if I hadn't personally been working under the military at that time - then the task to research the Arcanum of Jasmodeus would surely have fallen upon someone else, and then we'd all be naught but a pile of cinders.
So it is once more that I must cordially rebuke your efforts to instruct your elder on how to conduct his business, and not set ablaze the accursed tome currently sitting in my study. I still fully believe that if something isn't done to force things to get better, then it will never improve as people can't dig themselves out of a pit if you don't eve
:iconclovis15:Clovis15 1 0
The Vagrant's Tale - Ch. 38
"Many have argued to me in the past that before things such as mending relations with our neighboring nation of Skrande should even be considered, more important matters must be first be tended to. Generally, they all speak to me of the same thing when they raise this complaint; they believe we have no time to be dedicating to diplomacy with our former enemies, when we have not yet resolved the economic disaster the war left us in. However, as someone who actually is deeply interested in seeing an end to the financial woes running rampant through out kingdom, I posit that this order of priorities is going about everything entirely backwards. If our two lands were working together, then this seemingly colossal problem - presently looming over both our heads - could easily be resolved through our tandem might and resources.
After all, it was only through joint efforts that the resurrection of Jasmodeus - something which surely has to count as far more dire than any budget matter - was su
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When my previous-laptop was initially-purchased, way back in 2011, it was displaying odd-behavior from the very start. At the time I didn't think too much of it, especially since everything said it was normal (or at least it COULD be normal). Unfortunately - around 2015 - the problem, which had been growing steadily, suddenly took a massive-hike forward. I knew at this juncture I'd need a new laptop soon (for reasons beyond age alone), but I currently wasn't earning enough that I'd likely ever get there (at least not until I found a second-job in 2016). Unfortunately even more disaster struck when that computer finally gave up its struggling-battle around October 2016, which certainly didn't help any when one of my two jobs was Journalism. Recently - during my Birthday - my Aunt LeAnne found out about how I'd been slowly saving up for a new-computer, and was nearly there thanks to Tax Returns. She then offered to help buy the computer, something I am eternally-grateful for. This post here was written on that very computer. Thank you so much, Aunt LeAnne!

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